Vtec hook up

The picture belows shows mine, but it's all taped up because the picture was taken after the install was done. I ran my wires under the dash to the ECU and spliced them into the solenoid wires there. See PIN Diagram for help. Tap into the wire and use zip ties to hold it in place against existing wires under the hood. Just make sure its not touching anything that gets hot. Run the wire through the firewall with an unbent hanger. The wire must reach the dash, so cut off the correct amount. This wire will connect to the positive wire on the LED. At this point, I recommend testing the light out before continuing with the install.

Then connect the LED negative wire to a ground if you don't know where a ground is, just connect a wire to the negative on the battery, run through the firewall, and connect to the negative wire on the LED.

Vtec hook up?

Put the LED someplace where you can see it temporarily, i. Let you car warm up. VTEC does not engage when the car is cold!

Then take your car out for a drive. If it lights up then great, you can move on to step 5.

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  • HELP w/ hooking up shiftlight to VTEC?

Also note that the car must be moving for VTEC to engage, meaning you can't sit in your driveway and rev it to and expect the LED to light up. You must be actually driving your car. If the light came on then cool. You can put the LED anywhere you want. I chose to put it in an unused spot in my gauge panel next to where the oil, and battery light is.

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I did not use the Post-It note idea. In the below picture, the LED is not on. The one thing I could not find out how to do was to make it look "blacked" out like the rest of the lights on the dash. But the LED shines bright enough that you can see it during the day. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

92-00 Honda Engine Swap Wiring Guide VTEC AND NON VTEC

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What I want to know is, do I need to get the entire engine, motor. Btw, the four cylinder vtecs, at least not all of them, don't use dual cams. While it is a good idea to upgrade many of the parts in your engine to help cope with the higher RPMs theoretically that isn't necessary, but you run a higher risk, especially if you have alot of miles on your car and like to engage vtec alot kicks in around rpms depending on the system Your mechanic friend is probably just saying cool things you could do.

John Dream John Dream 2 8 Thanks, I had a d15z4 actually, but I killed it with some help from the bullshit fraud mechanic in question , so now I've got a d16A vtec , but the engine is from europe and this engine never came to South Africa, so I've never got a boost and I can't find the matching ECU for the aforementioned reason: Check online there are a ton in the US that should still be available. Never knew they were called Ballades!

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  8. Captain Kenpachi Captain Kenpachi 8, 2 16 Sorry man, but I learned the costs the hard way. Imagine two Capetonians chatting on StackExchange. BUt I'd rather have a whole engine installed than having to modify the current one.

    Vtec hook up? - Honda Civic Forum

    Plus you could sell the old engine to recover some of the costs. D Two Capetonian Developers, even more unlikely. Don't do it to an old Ballade though. For the money you're going to spend, it's better to just go ahead and buy something faster. Like a Superboss or something.

    https://mostgruntiseryn.ml Stephen Fourie Stephen Fourie 11 1. Please use full units, as this is an international site I would be very surprised if you could do that without replacing pistons, con rods, etc. But as they said the best way is to go D16A motor Stephen Fourie Stephen Fourie 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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    LS Vtec conversion kit, intake manifold and other stuff

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